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About Codebase Consulting

A brief history of Codebase

Codebase was setup in 2016 by Neil and Richard to provide what we believe is a rare combination of skills and services in the IT industry, Web Engineering and IT Support.

The two of us previously worked at Clever4, a web agency in Hull that provided web design and development services for over 16 years. We’re proud to say that many of our clients transferred their business to us when Clever4 closed its doors in 2016.

We work with over 30 long term clients in industries ranging from retail to transport and banking to education. Although we’re based in Yorkshire, we have clients from all over the UK and several in France and Italy.

Here's a bit more information about the team...

Neil Gateley, Technical Project Director
Neil Gateley
Technical Project Director

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Neil graduated from Hull University in 1999 with a Computer Science degree and has been building websites, managing websites and dreaming about websites ever since.

The majority of his career has been spent at Clever4 in Hull where he worked for 14 years managing the web development team, building websites for major UK and international brands.

Neil has a pug named Chewie and is passionate in his belief that the Jaffa Cake is NOT a biscuit.

Richard Lockwood, Software Engineering Director
Richard Lockwood
Software Engineering Director

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Another alumni of the mighty Hull University, Rich graduated in 1999 with a degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering. He's spent all of his career building and managing databases and web applications for the UK's biggest banks.

There's nothing Rich loves more than coming up with elegant solutions to complicated engineering problems (well, maybe a pint of real ale or a day's fishing might come close).

Kerry Adair
Web Developer

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Kerry Graduated from Queens University, Belfast with a degree in Physics. After working at Clever4 for almost 5 years, Kerry is now a key member of the Codebase team, building, updating and maintaining client websites.

Having worked in the web industry since 2009 and as a computer systems tester for over 10 years, Kerry now specialises website testing and writing beautiful HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Kerry has a black Labrador called Inky and (unbelievably!) isn't a fan of everyones favourite physicist, the lovely Brian Cox.